I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina – where I’m currently living.

I like building things, but what I enjoy the most is leading people towards a common goal and the feeling of fulfillment that comes after accomplishing it.

I’m a Software Engineer, the kind that has Star Wars bobble head figures on his desk and a Batman vinyl sticker on his laptop :D

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Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

If I had to choose one thing that really defines me, I’d say that’s traveling – and everything that goes with it: visiting new places, meeting people from other cultures, escaping the routine, etc.


After graduating from Engineering school in Argentina, 2 friends and I decided to travel around Europe for 1 month.

It was my first experience travelling abroad and it blew my head.

We had a great time visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris and London.

Rome, Italy Italy, the country of my predecessors :D

Chicago, USA

A few months after the Eurotrip, an opportunity presented to travel to Chicago due to work reasons.

I stayed there for a month and I fell in love with the multi-level windy city.

Chicago, USA The beautiful Chicago River

New York, USA

And after that I travelled to NYC on 4 ocassions (again work related trips), two times during summer and the other two during winter.

On these trips I stayed around 3 weeks, and I saw it as a great opportunity to visit other cities which were close.

Wall Street, New York With my girlfriend at the Wall Street christmas tree

How can anyone not love New York Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, New York Dumbo <3

Washington, USA

Washington, USA At the Washington Monument

Boston, USA

Boston, USA Is it London? No, but quite

Philly, USA

Philly, USA Yo Adrian!

Machupichu, Perú

The most challenging trip of my life.

Together with 5 friends, we hiked through the 4-day Inca Trail to Machupichu.

Machupichu, Perú Breathtaking, right?

Inca Trail, Perú Warmiwañuska, 4125 meters above sea level


My dad taught me how to play the keyboards when I was a young boy, and I really enjoy playing every now and then.

Here is a video of me playing Rick Wakeman

I also recorded a few songs for fun and uploaded them to SoundCloud.


Soccer is my favorite sport, which I like playing more than watching.

In Argentina, I support Independiente, still known as El Rey de Copas.

It may not be Barça, but Independiente has it’s handful of international cups and a very rich history.


Open Source

I believe in contributing to the Open Source community.

GitHub Contributions Chart

Here are a few examples of projects I open sourced.